With over 3 million shopping sites worldwide, eCommerce is the only trillion-dollar industry in the world which is growing at a double-digit percentage each year.

In an industry this big, only a handful of players actively donate towards charitable causes.

Most of their participation is limited to providing shoppers a platform to donate without cutting back on the business' profits. i.e. rather than donating a part of sale proceeds to charity, they'd rather ask shoppers to pay an extra fee if they want which they'll route to a charity.

We at Vamp Trends are Here to Make a Difference!

✔️At Vamp Trends, our motto is to give back to the society.
✔️The only way to grow is to grow together.


✔️Animals are probably the most ignored and mistreated species in the world.
✔️Of all species that have existed on Earth, 99.9 percent are now extinct. No, we aren't talking about bringing back dinosaurs (though we wish we could), we're here to save what's left before it's too late.
✔️If we don't act now, the remaining precious species as well may disappear and all we'll be left with are dolls and photos to tell our kids about animals.
✔️Starting December 2018, when you make a purchase at VAMP Trends, we donate $1 of each sale to charities or people actively working towards animal welfare in India, Sri Lanka & other countries in South Asia.
✔️We'll be making the donation at the beginning of each month for all the sales generated in the past month after the completion of 30-day return/refund period.
✔️We donate to smaller NGO's & individuals who're actively working towards making the world a better place than donating to charities with huge marketing overheads. As much as we'd love to name those, we won't.
The more we grow, the more we help the world grow. Let's build a better world together. :)